Happy Wheels Games Online is the pinnacle in the evolution of 2D platform games. It runs on a reality physics engine which makes it even more amazing than an ordinary side scrolling game. Happy Wheels Demo is a complete package of action packed, adrenaline fueled, fast- paced, gut-wrenching adventure, that challenges you tests your abilities to control and balance and survive through a difficult and absurd set of levels. It is filled with a multitude of gaming features. Real motion, balance, weight and other parameters affect your game in several ways making the Happy Wheels Game more thrilling, surprising, startling and unpredictable.
It is an arcade style experience you will never forget. The game contains a variety of characters, from a cranky old wheel chair dude to a fat guy driving a food filled kart. You have a wide and diverse selection of characters, each one equipped with their own set of wheels, which makes the game even more fresh and re-playable every time. The brilliant and numerous levels combined with an artful level editor will leave you amazed.