Happy Wheels Game is the online video games portal for all sorts of crazy wacky racing video games. The main attraction of the internet gaming scene is the most popular title of the decade - Happy Wheels. You can find this game on our home page and play it for free. The basic rules of the game are simple. You have to complete each level and face every challenge thrown your way. This isn't your ordinary racing game. The levels are seriously killer and deadly. Some are designed by players from around the world. If you want to get creative then try out the level editor. This is an advanced feature that allows players to test their imagination and create some epic, scary and crazy maps they can think of. If you want to get right into the action then click on the play game option, choose a character and select any level and go all out. Dodge the obstacles and try to make it to the other side alive in one piece. Happy Wheels Game is based on a 3D real world physics engine which makes all the crashes, collisions, and falls more fun and fatal at the same time. You will see parts of your character flying all over the place as your get impaled by spikes or squashed by a collapsing wall. Stay alert and ready. These games are as addictive as they are challenging. Play on for hours and beat the records of your opponents. Invite friends and settle the score today. Also check out the other featured hit titles like the part 2 of Happy Wheels, 4 Wheels Madness, Wheelie King, Bloony Wheel, Hallo Wheels, Tiny Wheeler, MR CAK. All video games on this online gaming portal are dedicated to the diehard fans of racing games. These are a mixture of adventure and racing along with an added ounce of wackiness. Race, set new high scores, challenge other players, complete hundreds of levels, unlock rewards, powers and bonuses, and get lost in this bizarre and attractive world of Happy Wheels Games. Find a character that matches your gamer tag/ avatar and join in. Share your unique and funny moments using the Facebook Chat section below the website. Share the website, tag and mention your friends so that you can share your excitement with them and they can have a part of the fun too.