Happy  Wheels Happy Wheels
Wheelie King Wheelie King
Tiny Wheeler Tiny Wheeler
Mr Cak ATV Mr Cak ATV
Happy Wheels 2 Happy Wheels 2
Hallo Wheels Hallo Wheels
Flappy Bird Flappy Bird
Bloony Wheel Bloony Wheel
4 Wheel Madness 4 Wheel Madness

About happywheelsgaming.com

Happy Wheels Gaming is the latest edition of your favorite online gaming portal. Here you will find all sorts of crazy, wacky, mind boggling, funny, arcade, racing, action and adventure video games. All the titles available on this website are flash games and require a browser that supports adobe flash. If any game is not loading then get the latest version of flash player or update your current version to enjoy these games. Happy Wheels Games is a timeless collection of one of the most modern epic video games entering the virtual world. The sensational title of the same name - Happy Wheels is the highlight of the website. It is a 2D platform game where the levels are scroll sideways as you progress from the left which is the starting line to the rightmost end of the stage ending at the finish line and finally moving onto the next level. The most amazing feature of this video game is the real world like physics that lies at the center. All the action, movement, collision, crashes are as impacting as you can imagine. Gravity and balance is the most realistic and you will feel it as you control your character. There is a list of various new and bizarre levels with different sort of challenge in each. You can also choose your own favorite character which will have his own special ride and unique abilities. The controls are very simple. Use the arrow keys to accelerate and brake/reverse and also to balance the weight of the rider to avoid crashing. Shift the weight forward or backward when you are about to lose your balance. You can also create your own levels. Check out the level editor. Also try the sequel of this video game which has more levels and new characters. Try the new category of monster truck racing games. Here you control a mega monster truck to pass the level and jump through various slopes, ramps, and holes to reach safely on the other side. 4 Wheel Madness and Tiny Wheeler are the two of the best monster truck racing games. In 4 Wheel Madness you are the reigning champion of the monster truck league. You have to live up to your reputation in this global monster truck tournament. Monitor your health bar and control your balance as you clear the obstacles to reach the finish line within record time. Tiny Wheeler is the newer edition of monster truck city adventure. Climb high slopes, jump across long gaps to reach the finish line in time. The health bar shows how many crashes you can survive. Also try out the bike stunt game called Wheelie King. Play Hallo Wheels if you love riding the long desert roads and hunting Halloween ghosts. Mr Cak ATV is a 4 wheeler quad bike game where you cross mountainous terrain to reach the top. Flappy bird is your popular mobile game now available to play on computers. So invite your friends and play on.